15 First Birthday Themes

Are you on the hunt for First Birthday Themes? Planning that First Birthday Party is one of the most fun times as a parent. I remember my daughter’s first birthday the best because she was our first child and we made a pretty big deal about it. I even made her a 3D panda cake and tested out my cake decorating skills. That first birthday sure makes some great photo opps as well as fun memories.

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 If you are looking for some First Birthday Themes, here are 15 to help you get those creative juices flowing!

15 First Birthday Themes


1. Owl Themed First Birthday – This first birthday theme has muted colors and some super cute owls everywhere. From cookies and cupcakes, these little owls have taken over  the party. I’m sure you could add a banner or something that says “Look WHO’s One!”

2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Party Theme – This mom from Raleigh, NC threw a very cute very hungry caterpillar themed party that turned out just amazing. She actually kept it pretty simple and spent only around $40 on decorations. Check out her post to see how she did it!

3. Pom Poms, Bows and Tulips – This first birthday party has some simple and elegant decorations for a little girl turning one. From a picture of the birthday girl in a silver frame to homemade pom poms and cupcakes, I love everything about this decor!

4. Safari Friends 1st Birthday – Lions and zebras and giraffes —oh my! How cute are these safari animals. Add in some safari cupcakes (see the ones from the Madagascar Party Theme) and you have one cuuuute party!

5. Ladybug Birthday Party Theme – This party features DIY decor which helps keep the budget under control. And given the fact she had 65 people on her guest list means a budget was definitely in order!

6. Modern Alphabet First Birthday Theme – This theme features vibrant blues and greens and even a sweet treats display. Little Cameron had one amazing first birthday and he is as adorable as can be!

7. Little Man Mustache Theme – If you’re into the Internet at all (Pinterest?) then I’m sure you’ve seen mustaches everywhere! They make for one very cute party theme for a one year old. I fell in love with this Little Man Mustache theme.

8. B is for Birthday Theme – This Bee themed birthday is so elegant! I love the yellow and black decorations everywhere and the two cakes are super cute. The birthday girl even received her very own bee hive cake.

9. Sock Monkey First Birthday –  I love everything about this theme. Maybe it’s because I have fond memories of owning my own sock monkey as a little kid. If you like  the idea of a sock monkey theme, but you don’t have the time or desire to make your own decorations, BirthdayExpress.com has a brown and white Sock Monkey 1st Birthday Theme as well as a Mod Monkey Theme  in pink.

10.  Minnie Mouse First Birthday Theme – I love this theme idea because I love both Minnie Mouse and pink! Minnie has a hit show on Disney Junior right now, so that means there are a bunch of little Minnie Mouse fans out there! There are also some new Minnie Mouse toys coming out soon.

11. Balloons Make Me Happy – This blue and white balloon themed party is so pleasing to the eyes. The party hostess really got creative with little puffs of air and the balloon cupcakes, cookies and cake. Just beautiful.

12. Bubble Birthday Theme – If your child loves bubbles and their birthday is in the spring or summer, what fun a Bubble Birthday Theme would be. The food, the decor and of course the Bubble party favors all created one bubbly fun time.

13. One Year Old in a Flash – Does it feel like your little one turned one year old in a flash?! It always does! This theme says ‘they grow up so fast’ and celebrates their first birthday in style.

14. Lil’ Rebel First Birthday Theme – This theme is for your lil’ rebel. Featuring a blue and black color scheme, skulls and angel wings. You can create one rockin’ party!

15. Sock Hop Party Theme – Shoobie dee doo…it’s a sock hop party theme! Think pink, white and black, plus poodle skirts and Coca-Cola. What a great looking and fun theme to put together. This is one that the birthday girl and adults can all enjoy.

Which one of the First Birthday Themes was your favorite?

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