Disney Frozen Party Supplies

Have you taken your kids to Disney Frozen in the theaters yet? Two out of my three kids have managed to see it without me somehow and I’m not quite sure how that happened! But I do know they absolutely loved the movie and now it’s my turn to see it!

In fact, my 16 year old daughter loved the movie so much she received this snow globe (note: DO NOT pay $300 for it!!) for Christmas. It is absolutely beautiful and it’s definitely one of her top favorite gifts.

Disney Frozen Party Supplies 05

So, you took your kids to see the movie and now they want a Frozen themed Birthday Party and you need Disney Frozen Party Supplies. We’re here to help! Let me show you some super cute and super well done ones that your little girl or boy will love. As well as some party table ideas courtesy of Birthday Express. Here we go!

Disney Frozen Party Supplies

From Disney Frozen Party Packs and decor to extras such as little snow globes for party favors and even an Anna costume if your little party girl wants to dress up, there are some fantastic options to throw one beautiful party.

Disney Frozen Party Supplies 01

Here are some of the Party Packs available:

  • Deluxe Party Pack and Favors for 16
  • Deluxe Party Pack for 16
  • Deluxe Party Pack and Favors for 8
  • Deluxe Party Pack for 8
  • Basic Party Pack for 8

You can find all of the information you need, such as what’s included in each pack, here.

Disney Frozen Party Supplies 04

Some of the extras include Party favors like this party favor box. How cute are the little snow globes that come with it?

Disney Frozen Party Supplies 06

You can also spruce up the Birthday Party Table by adding some candy in coordinating colors. Here are some options.

Pink and White Whirly Pops

Disney Frozen Party Supplies 08

Shimmer Blue Gumballs

Disney Frozen Party Supplies 09

Aren’t these great?! As you can see, it doesn’t take much to throw together one really cute and fun Disney Frozen themed Birthday party. Now, if I can just get myself to the movie theater to see it…

Happy party planning! Check out our other Birthday Party theme ideas here.

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